Friday, March 11, 2005

Too Easy? 

I read the reports that the nut who killed Judge Joan Lefkow's husband and mother shot himself in the head during a traffic stop in Wisconsin. Read where he sent a suicide note to NBC Channel 5 in Chicago.

But I have questions. First is the one about the two men seen in front of her home in the days before the shooting, and their unnatural smilarity to two of convicted white supremacist Matt Hale's bodyguards. Check out the post at the CI website.

My next question will hopefully be answered over the next few weeks as they dissect the murderer's life. Their evil is not as inverse as the movies. If the're ingenious enough to find the judge's address, they're smart enough to find someone who felt slighted by Lefkow and exploit it to their advantage.

I hope it is as clean as this. I don't grieve over people who kill families. But if Matt Hale's Merry Men of Hate have something to do with this, we need to know. And perhaps we could reinstitute public hanging for a day or two.
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