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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Its Pretty Simple 

It’s Pretty Simple

Impeach George W. Bush

Impeach 43

Find out how or if we can extract damages from him.

I truly do not understand why the media tries to protect a President with what will soon be the lowest approval ratings since their inception.

I truly do not understand why the media actively chooses to give him a free pass when it’s evident to a blind man that he has lied about Iraq, and now Katrina

I truly do not understand what in Sam Hill possesses Dems to cower in this man’s (and I use that term very, very liberally) shadow.  If they can’t get it together after this, we ought to vote each and every one of them out.  We should do it to the Republicans on principle, and we should fire every incumbent Democrat.

George W. Bush is threat to the republic.

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