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Welcome to the Collective Archive, where you can find the best of what we've had to offer over time.
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Special Reports:

" US Treasury Department report on the effects of making Bush Tax Cuts permanent. Their finding? Alchemy still doesn't work.....

" "Real Security", the Democratic plan to make America secure again

The FISA Law

" Defense Department Policy on Interrogations, Detainment, and Questioning for Intelligence Purposes

Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito and his opinions on:
" Illegal search & seizure
" The right to choose
" Employment discrimination
" Family and medical leave

The Taguba Report on Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

The International Red Cross Report on Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

The Butler Report

Congressional Report on Politics and Science: How the Bush Administration is Undermining Scientific Integrity in Public Policy

Rep Henry Waxman's report on the inadequecies and lies of current abstinence-only programs

The Wehner Memothe report leaked from Karl Rove's office that reveals the political motivations behind Social Security "reform"

The final report on the existence of WMD in Iraq. What did we tell you?

An analysis of malpractice reform in Texas, post Bush's veto of the Patients Bill of Rights. In a nutshell, no wave of lawsuits

The Growth of Physician Medical Malpractice Payments--would it surprise you to learn that payments are decreasing?

Still Images
Hate Starts Young

Idolatry is Not an American Value


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Stories of Interest
Bagdad, Year ZeroWhat happened when the Bush administration tried to remake postwar Iraq into a free-market utopia. Originally printed in Harpers Magazine

Rove in a BoxGreat story from the Atlantic Monthly on Karl Rove, a.k.a. "Bush's Brain," a.k.a. something not fit for public consumption.

Moose on the LooseMarshall Whitman's essay on how the current GOP leadership is incapable of leading America to a 21st Century of Theodore Roosevelt's "National Greatness" Republicanism. Originally printed in the DLC's "Blueprint" magazine

No Longer a ChristianA great column that appeared in Common Dreams on what will be left if/once Movement Conservatives are successful at convincing the weak-willed that God only loves Repbulicans.

Stealing the 2004 ElectionA couple of reports, here and here on how the election may very well have been stolen.

Bernard Lewis, RevisitedA great story that appeared in the Washington Monthly on the faulty history that neocons may have based their Middle East worldview on.

Backroom Dealing a Captiol TrendA story from the Boston Globe on the depth of influence lobbyists and money have over GOP lawmakers. Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Gerald LK SmithA story from the Wisconsin Historical Society on one of the state's leading hate-mongers. Smith was active in the 1940's thru the 1970's. A good but somewhat watered-down story of a man who believed in "patriotism," "freedom," and the "Constitution."

The Emperor's New Clothes: A New Democrat Critique of the Bush Tax PlanWritten in 2001 and available at New Democrats Online, the article outlined the tricks the Bush Administration used to pass the 2001 Tax Cut. Many of the same tricks have been used over and over on other tax cuts, Medicare "reform," Iraq, and now Social Security "reform."

Texas and Malpractice ReformRemember the Texas Health Care Bill of Rights? George Bush would rather you not. Years later, the study the Texas legislature commisioned on the increase of malpractice cases in the wake of this bill, showsyou guessed it.

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