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What is Watching The Watchers?

Watching the Watchers originally started out as a blog, single user, beat on the media kind of thing. Then, as time went on, it started really having an effect on the blogosphere, in whatever small way a blog like this could, and I decided to open it up to other people, to share their own thoughts and feelings on the state of the world, politics, how much they hate Rush, whatever.

Watching the Watchers is a community, nothing more and nothing less. It is by nature of it's inventor (me), a Liberal community. An angry, very vocal liberal community. You can post whatever you like, from parenting advice to why Reagan was actually not that good a president, and you can rest assured you will be welcome to do so.

Do I have to post about politics if I start a diary?

No. While I usually post about politics, I don't expect everyone wants to, or everyone would have their own political blog. Post pictures of your cat if you like. I love cats.

Do you edit out offensive material?

See, that's a toughie. The short answer is yes, if by offensive you mean pornography, racist bullshit, or calls for violence against people, criminal acts, stuff I could get sued for. Beyond that, though, it depends on what you mean by offensive. Can you swear? Oh, please do. I love a good rant as much as anybody.

What happens when I attack YOU personally in my diary, you pig!

Unlike some out there, I won't ban you if you beat me up in your diary. Chances are I will answer you on the front page, though. I know people love the attention, but I have a nasty, nasty disposition when the personal attack flair up, so just be ready for that. But I say sure, beat the hell out of me, it's the risk I take for placing myself in the spotlight.

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