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What Part Of 'Poor Taste' Didn't Murdoch Get The First Time?


By Number Six, Section News
Posted on Mon Nov 20, 2006 at 03:59:31 PM EST

Oh, that thilly Rupert Murdoch, CEO of Faux News and the same publisher of OJ Simpson's...well, now cancelled...semi-auto-whatever. After a carload of public outcry, Faux is dumping the whole shooting match.......

Which, of course, was a project doomed from the tarmac: What idiot decided this was a great idea to begin with? A book written by a criminal? Basically a pseudo-confessional? And then a TV special about it? One of the most outrageous crimes and demonstrations of how our justice system, on occasion, backfires?

Personally, I sort of thought Faux would do it anyways, after all, after amazing stuff like Even More Tasteless Police Chases, well, it's a known fact that Faux revels in tastelessness as a way to turn a dollar. That and passing off their news department as a news department, which most know by now, is also another work of fiction.

Perhaps, it was the fact that even the most jaded, at times, feel revulsion when a certain line gets crossed. Too, Faux stalwarts like O'Really and Revolta bitching about how tasteless this deal was, well, that sure doesn't help matters.

Or, maybe it's that Faux is feeling the effects of sinking ratings. Excellent! May those ratings continue their decline. Maybe, one day, Faux will change their tune.

I know, I'm not holding my breath, either.


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