Write a diary

Especially girls and young women write a diary, but in most cases they stop it at some point. This is a pity, because writing a journal is not tied to a specific age, but on the contrary can be interesting and helpful at any age.


In a diary, the author writes about himself and his life, his behavior, his feelings and what he experiences and what moves him. Especially in times of crisis or difficult times, it can be extremely helpful to write everything of the soul. However, it is also very interesting to read the notes later and in this way retrace and understand what has happened.

Now, however, the question arises, how is it even possible to write the diary. First of all, there are no rules for keeping a journal. In this respect, nobody has to learn to write a diary and also not follow strict instructions.

Write tips on the journal

A diary is a very individual and personal matter, so anyone can write their diary and make it their own way. However, there are some tips on the journal that relate to what, what, when, and how it is written.

The question of what is written in a diary is very easy to answer. In his diary, the author writes about what moves him and is just going through his head. This may include feelings, thoughts, ideas, dreams and desires, as well as experiences, changes, goals or achievements. In other words, it means that the author can write anything in his diary he likes because his diary is for him alone.

However, it is advisable to keep the journal in such a way that no one else is tempted to read it. What the recordings are written on is also left to one’s own taste.

Executions of diaries

The classic variants are empty books or notebooks, which are offered in a wide variety of variants and designs and both with and without a lock. Likewise, the author can also opt for loose sheets, which he filed in a folder or kept in a beautiful box. In addition, a diary can be written on the PC, for example by creating a corresponding file.

Writing without rules

By far the most important tips for writing the diary, however, is that the author himself should not impose any rules.

This means that it is up to him, when and how he keeps his diary. He does not necessarily have to write something in his diary every day and he does not have to stick to fixed times, for example by only making entries in the morning or by drawing his daily reminder in the evening.

Similarly, there are no specifications as to how long the individual entries should be. While some entries may fill multiple pages, other entries may consist of just a sentence, a word, or even pictures, photos, clippings, postcards, or tickets. Writing a diary is not about an artistic claim.

This means that the author does not have to be careful to write beautifully, to formulate grammatically correctly or to avoid spelling errors. Writing a diary is all about capturing one’s own feelings and thoughts, and the simplest and best way to do this is to write freely and without first organizing his thoughts.